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CAUSE OF DIVORCE was founded by Rollo (drums, ex-ORGASMIC GROAN, ex-KADATH, ex-ZENGAYA), Marc (voice, ex-OGASMIC GROAN) and Ivo (guitar, ex-FILE NOT FOUND) in early2001 - just for fun. After a little while Christoph (guitar, ex-ABREAST) and Norman (bass, ex-ORGASMIC GROAN) completed the line up. Our typical non-genre like grindattacks are due to our personally different musical predilections. We describe our music as “GRINDCORE FOR THE UNLOVED”, well knowing that we don’t play pure or typical Grindcore, but although we combine DeathMetal, Hardcore and other elements with grindattacks, we think that the heading “Grindcore” fits best for the music that we play. It is also not our intention to transport pompous messages and admonish our listeners, but we understand ourselves as a ‘political’ band and if our lyrics maybe stimulate some independent thoughts, than this is an desirable side-effect. But the main intention is the fun and love for extrem music! In 2002 we published our first demo called “GENOZID”, in 2004 “NON SERVIAM”, our second demo followed. In 2007 we released our third demo”PHOBOPHOBIE”. All demos were published on CD-r (and tape) and in totally “ Do-it-yourself” manner, that was intentional. We also participate on some Underground-Compilations. At the moment we’re looking forward to publish a 7”-Split with BANGSAT (ID), that will happen hopefully this year. We’re already working on new material for that Split and of course songs for our next demo. Since Spring 2007 we have a new bass guitar player: Niklas! (after Norman left the Band in 2006 due to some musical differences). Now, that we’re complete again we’re planning to grind the stage as frequently as possible..

Herkunft: Aachen
Gründungsjahr: 2002
Genre: Grindcore